3rd LEAGUE vs Old Eds

3rd LEAGUE vs Old Eds

Third had a bad start to the season. We played Old Eds, who came second last year. (We came 3rd.)

Francisco played first against Thomas Martin who had amazing shots. Although the match was close, Francis managed to win 3-2 with the 5th being quite convincing.

Willem played next against Robert Martin, who too had great shots and ran well. After being 2-0 down Willem had a good 3rd game, but had no more legs for the 4th.

Mike (newly returned) Baldwin played next against Mark Sapphire. Mark played 1 last year, and was too fit and strong for a rusty Mike.

Gary played last against Paul Minolas (spelling?) and although ran Paul to exhaustion, couldn’t win the match. Pathetic.

Francis: 3-2

Mike: 0-3

Willem: 1-3

Gary: 1-3

Result: 5-14

Match Result: 6-14 (dismal)