9th LEAGUE vs UJ

So I haven’t been around to give this report the attention that it deserves (being the first of the season and all) and there isn’t even the bonus of a short report with a positive result. In fact, the result was as abysmal as the report. Shocking way to begin, but it can only get better from here. And to make it worse we had to deal with the loss on their ugly, yellow courts.

Here follows the abbreviated rundown:

No. 3 Brennan lost 1 – 3. Sharp opponent and some good rallies, but probably let it get away from himself in the first 2 games.

No. 2 Phil A lost 2 – 3. On points, Phil won easily and should have taken the game, but let his opponent back in to steal it.

No. 4 Lyal lost 1 – 3. Playing a rusty, but handy opponent, Lyal never got to dominate like he shoulda.

No. 1 Nigel lost 0 – 3. Outrun and never testing the opponent, I got a rude intro to the season.

At least we got this one behind us at the beginning. From here on in we have to shine to salvage some pride and dignity.

Final result 4 - 16