5thth League vs Winchester

5th League travelled south to Winchester.

First on was CvH at number 1 against Neil Buckle who had been brought out of retirement. After a close first game, Neil hurt his hamstring in the second and it was plain sailing from there for a 3-0 win

Next up at No.3 was Gavin who had to play Hans Mordt! Despite a valiant effort from Gavin, Hans was too strong for Gavin and won 3-0.

Next on at No.4 was Richard against Albert Lumley, who I thought was too strong for a No.4 in 5th league. However, the “long arm of Richard” put Albert under pressure, and by the third Albert’s legs (knees) were no good and Richard secured a good win 3-0.

Last on was Flip who needed a game against Alan Eve to secure the win. First was close , but Alan won 15-12. Second was as close, with Flip getting to 12-10 up, but losing 15-12! Slight panic amongst the Chamber team, but fortunately Alan had worked hard, and Flip managed to win the next three games to secure the win.

Result 3-1, 12-5. Winchester retired to Ginos, but the hard working Chamber Exiles made their satisfied way back north. Always nice to beat Winchester, especially at Winchester

Match result : 12 – 5