6thth League A vs Pirates

Good win for Chambers (12-6)

Court:1 Winner:Pirates PR03
MIKE,EMSLIE- vs. George,Palmer-
15-13 15-5 15-13

“Tiny” G just couldn’t get into the game and should have nailed the first and 3rd game, but alas it was not to be………

Court:2 Winner:Chamber Exiles CH04
John,Shannon- vs. Graham,GORDON-
15-12 16-18 15-11 12-15 15-11

Foxy still digesting the pork pie from his UK trip and could have done it in 3 but only catching a bit of a wake up in the last against a f#$^$ determined Ginger.

Court:3 Winner:Chamber Exiles CH04
Gerhard,Botha- vs. Anthony,ILLING-
9-15 15-13 15-6 15-8

All it took was a change in game plan tactics after being 1 game down…..from hard hitting to softly, softly. Anthony is still waiting for the ball at the back!!!

Court:4 Winner:Chamber Exiles CH04
Stuart,Vey- vs. Stephan,Beal-
15-13 15-10 15-9

Stu playing last “I don’t have to win, hey?” mmmmm Yes Stu it is 6 all….and what a champ (leaving his skirt at home for the night) pulling off a 3 zip win, chasing every ball like a Pirate chasing a stash of gold!!!

Finished off with Hamburgers and beer at the club.


The Scribe