8th league “B” vs. Wits

Herewith the match report for the Chambers 8B versus Wits 8A game;

We travelled to Wits to take on the much vaunted Wits A side (the Chamber A teams only loss to date). So it is with great pride that I can report that we had a very convincing win, and only one game (15-17 fifth game loss by Digby) separating us from a full 16 point haul.

First on was Digby, playing at No 3, against Roy the wily Wits campaigner. A ding dong battle with Digby losing a very close 5th. Nevertheless an entertaining game.

Next on was captain Fillmore who proceeded to deliver his best performance of the season (not counting the hiding he handed out to George Bowen in an early season game). He was looking very tired after losing the 4th, but upped his game to take the 5th in convincing style, winning 3-2.

So all square at 5 apiece. Le Roux on next a No 4, knowing that he could take the pressure off Vermaak if he had a good win. The team player that he is, he proceeded to clean up his opponent with a solid 3-0 win.

On last were the No 1’s, Graham against an up-and-coming young student. Graham was never really in trouble. Although he dropped the 2nd game, he played well and was a comfortable 3-1 winner.

Final Result: 14-6

So after an excellent performance on the court, we moved on to Gino’s and enjoyed and a few good pizzas and beers.

Kind regards


Match result : 14 - 6