8th League “A” vs. JCC

What a lot of lolly Johannesburg Country Club has. Great lighting, well painted squash courts and under floor heating; but wait, with the renovations that the Chamber are undertaking, CCJ beware!

The upper-class (they somehow just looked more posh and classy!) yuppies tried, but failed and were thrashed by a far superior team; no, not the England soccer team; but the 8th league Chamber A squash side. The Greek, who appears to be the only one that has money (your country needs you!) graced the boards first. On for a 3 egg win and oops Nic fluffed the third obviously saving himself for the last and went on to win 3-1. An abundance of courts allowed parallel matches and Gary acted his way to a workman like 3-0 win. Mike followed and eased the first, not breaking sweat, oozed arrogance that went to his head and found himself 2-1 down. Spurred on by encourager Gary, he pulled level and attempted to motivate himself to win for the team! Last game, evens to 5, then Mike 5-10 down, then 9-13 down. “Oh no!” plus some other unprintable, epithets from the other doctor, Lyal, whispering George and the rest of the team save Paul who was grinding out a five setter win, were heard from the gallery. Mike, too scared to come off court with a loss, used his ample years of experience (it turned out that he had been playing squash longer than the number of years his opponent Mark had been on the planet) won the next point, got to 10, still serving got to 11………. to cut a long story short…… went on to win 15-13. A superb win from this weeks MVP and a second 16 pointer in a row for the team. An extremely successful and enjoyable evening was rounded off in the well appointed, but hellish expensive drinks-wise, bar.

The team finds itself 10 points in front of the second place team Old Eds. Two tough matches follow in consecutive weeks, Edenvale (without this week’s MVP) and old Eds. The depth of talent, as can be seen in the picture, including Stephan will hopefully come to the fore and thus continue their winning streak.

The triumphant team that beat Johannesburg Country Club. L to R: Nic, Paul, Mike, Lyal, George, Gary

Squash Tip of the Week

Never give up till the fat lady sings or in Chamber 8th league terms; the grey, fat man sings!

#1: Paul vs. Someone, 3-2: 15-8 13-15 15-9 11-15 15-8

#2: Nic vs. Marc, 3-1: 15-13 15-9 8-15 15-12

#3: Michael vs. Mark: 3-2: 15-10 12-15 11-15 15-11 15-13

#4: Gary vs. John: 3-0: 15-9 15-7 15-10

Match score: 16 - 5