10th LEAGUE vs Wits

Final result 12 – 7 for Wits.  We should have won but we didn’t, nevertheless we enjoyed the squash.

  1. First up playing No. 1 was Keith against a fairly average youngster. Not much to say here except that Keith went down gasping 0-3.

  1. Johan Mare playing Kyle in the No. 2 position put in a very spirited performance and looked like he might take the match at one stage but finally threw in the towel went down struggling at a respectable 2-3.

  1. Des playing No. 1 looked like he was going to romp home an easy winner and after many miss hits and thrown away points eventually did, finally taking the match 3-0 but not without dragging the score in the final game to 19-17.

  1. John played Michal in No. 4 position. Never underestimate ones opponent is the sage advice, which John did – thinking he would have an easy win which he didn’t. Finally losing 2-3 but not without having the spectators on the edge of their seats.

Final result : 7 - 12