9th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

Edenvale has three teams in the 9th league. Chamber played the worst of the three and only just managed a win.

Roger, playing at #4, played first and won his game 3-0 without much effort.

Stratford, playing at #2 also zapped his opponent 3-0 and things were going well.

Then Shaun (#3) played on court 1 and Vince (#1) played on court 2 - neither of them knowing that the other was getting badly mauled.
In the end Shaun lost 0-3 and Vince managed to win one game, losing 1-3.

So Chamber won 2-2 and 7-6. Too close for comfort.

(Regular #1, Gabriel was injured - that’s like Dan Carter not playing for the Crusaders!)

Match result  :9 - 6