5th League “the G Team” vs Edenvale

With Edenvale sailing high above us in the league, it was with a little bit of trepidation that we ventured to the Far East.

This wasn’t tempered any when G-string took to the court at No 3 and lost hurriedly in 3 to a whirlwind of hard hitting from Lane – the man was on fire and with G trying desperately to slow the ball down in the 3rd, only 4 points were managed.

That didn’t bode well for the rest of us, anyway with a team tactics talk, LG and G-spot swopped positions in the hope that the (apparently) unbeatable youngster Dylan (who hasn’t been beaten all season) would be unsettled by the old mans game of lobs and drops.  Lo and behold G-spot (nee the Silver Fox) found himself 2-0 up with the youngster making numerous mistakes in an attempt to hurry the game along. However the 3rd game swung the other way with Dylan playing some clever boasts. Same happened in the 4th so 2-2 and doom descending on the team. BUT all was not lost, G-spot started playing tighter and cleverer and in the end a demoralized Dylan smashed the ball into the tin to lose 3-2.

LG then took on a very tricky player at No 2 but eventually his superb fitness overcame and “LIFE WAS GOOD” – LG 3-1

That left Tiny G to carry the night for the team against young Kent Raines (Peter’s son). TinyG was on fire this night and has been re-named G-Whizz after a 3-0 victory. A dazzling array of drives, boasts and nicks flew off G’s racket with one perfect lob being executed with the racket in his wrong hand and standing on his head (or so it seemed). All I can say is BIG G is back.

Match result : 12 - 6