6th B League vs Modderfontein

Supposed to play away this week, but, Modderfontein’s courts being in a somewhat less that playable condition, we shifted to a home game and took two courts to get things all wrapped up by 8pm. Mention must be made of invaluable support from the still recovering Brennan and beau. He has promised to start giving his ambidexterity an opportunity to impress – just what we need, another lefty in the team.

Phil vs Mike at No. 2: Phil wasn’t in the mood to take nonsense. Well, maybe a little bit of nonsense in the first game, but coming back from a 4 point deficit to take the game. This was followed by two more strong games which didn’t give Mike a chance to creep back in. Looks like quitting smoking has given Phil a new lease on lung capacity. (won 3-0).

Lyal vs Piet at No. 4: Following suit, Lyal was keen to continue the trend and hit his stride impressively. Having recently bought a new upmarket house (and avoided the Wendy Machanic fiasco), the quality of his squash has also gone upmarket. His Flying Shaolin Monk style drop shots were on the mark. When he wasn’t dropping, his length was giving Piet headaches in the back. In fact, Lyal took the last game 15-1 with the only reason for letting Piet get a point being that Lyal wanted to avoid a COTY nomination. (won 3-0).

Nigel vs Arne at No. 1: The only blemish on the team scoresheet was my game against Arne. He was big, he was unfit, but when he hit the ball he was devastating. Apart from a rally to take the second game, I was no match for his crafty ways and went similarly to bin Laden: in a hail of accurately placed shots. (lost 1-3).

Bruce vs Vaughan at No. 3: I missed the first part of this game which appears to have been the most interesting – each player taking a game. Bruce was fresh from blitzing the Two Oceans and still had enough left to blitz the Two Sides of the Squash Court. Although his shots may have been somewhat looser than usual, he was tidy enough to break Vaughan down thereafter and continue his unbeaten streak. (won 3-1).

Supper followed at Picobella to round off a successful evening.

Match score: 13 - 4