3rd LEAGUE vs Bryanston

We played Bryanston Sports last night, 1 Chamber Exiles exile in their team – Bert Hipner (spelling?). Bert was expecting to see John Shannon in the team and even wore his Chamber squash shirt (the one with all the names on the front). He sent regards to John and all at Chamber that remember him.

Francisco played Peter, a very handy player who did the splits multiple times fetching the ball. I don’t think Peter will lose many in this league; but he did lose last night. He took Francisco to 8 all in the first 2 games, but Francisco narrowly won them both 10-9, 10-8. Third game Francisco was 2-0 up when the marker called 2-1. Francisco disagreed, but the marker said it’s 2-1, so Francisco said start the game again. They went back to 0-0 and Francisco beat him 9-0. He said afterwards that he wanted it to be 9-0 that’s why he started the game again. Later Peter said he thought he was fit and he thinks he’s getting sick because his thighs are hurting.

Willem played Jan Combrigge (again spelling?) who beat Willem last time they played. In spite of Willem just wanting to leave to go pack for his skiing holiday with this lovely companion, he took care of business and cleaned up. Later Jan told me he plays squash about 10 times a week. Didn’t help, he didn’t get a game.

Gary played boom boom Bert. Bert broke his strings in the knock up. Borrowed a racquet. Didn’t like it. After losing the first borrowed a racquet from Jeff, broke this one. Borrowed another racquet from Jeff which he managed to use till the end. Bert started to play great shots in the third (being 2-0 down) and started to get back into the game. He won the third and started the 4th the same racing well ahead. But, Gary wore him down and managed to win that game and the match. Boom boom was not looking as fit as days of old.

Jeff played big Mike (Spence I think), and with a strapped ankle managed to do his usual and go 2-0 up and then go walk about. Lost the third, but came back to take the match.

Francisco 3-0

Willem 3-0

Gary 3-1

Jeff 3-1

Match Result: 16-2