7th League vs. Jeppe

Your sporting correspondent had the pleasure (nay.. Honour) of attending the squash match between Jeppe and Chamber 7th. What started off as a dark and stormy night, remained dark, but not so stormy. Andy, who discovered that Paul Loake has both a strict approach to winning as well as a lack of a sense of humor to losing, found himself demoted to number three after a stunning loss the previous week. Irked by this, Andy produced an amazing display of squash, only confusing the crowed a few times as to whether that last shot was a lob or a drop. His opponent, who had no respect for good shots, ran everything down, but bit succumbed to the 'Ole Dog', 3-0

Jacques opponent had a crisis at home, and needed to play next, rushing on the co
urt, as well as around it. An ex Tennis player, he astounded all with his 'Pistol Pete' serves and all-round power play. In the first game, Jacques was less impressed than the now swelling crowd, and punished him to take the game. The next two were closer, with Jacques working hard to earn the nickname 'Costas', as he lost them 10-8 and 10-8. Even though he was seeing the ball as big as George's stomach, he could not claw his way back and succumbed 3-1 to the Jeppe import.

Next was Stuart 'The Bandit" Vey, who quickly realised that his tall opponent did not like bending down and reaching up. Or moving back or forward for that matter. Reaching in his pocket, he grabbed something and squeezed, and produced the kind of ladies squash that we have all grown to love, but clearly his opponent just did not. Another
satisfying 3-0 win by the Chamber Blokes.


Then for the final game, with no pressure on him, Big George strode onto the court with his opponent, respectfully also calling himself George. The first game was long and tough, with an interesting blend of strategies and tactics. Big G forced himself into the lead and took the game. However the other George was not done, and fought back to win the second. But then he was done. Big George took out his running game and his touch racket and quickly closed out the next two games to win 3-1.
We then retired to the lower courts to watch two other home teams tussle it out, and again took advantage of Nuno's on the way home. It seems that Jeppe was not too keen to join us."

Match score: 13-4