8th League vs. Bryanston

I got there first. Was welcomed by their no 1 and 4. So guess which I chose ? Turned out a good choice --- piece of cake and up we go 3 -- 0.

Nick and Doc Fallon then arrive together and on goes Nick at # 3. Also just to easy and Papa quickly walks off 3 - 0 up. So far so good.

Bruce arrives late and demands preferential booking. Based on his performance last week. Application granted immediately and on he goes at # 1. And what can we say -- another oscar performance goes his way. Badly beaten in the first but came to stun his opponent and bring the gallery to their feet. Time and again. And then walked off 3 - 1 up.

Last on Doc F at # 2. Who promptly followed Bruce with an oscar of his own --- for best supporting actor. A great show to be sure. Up and down and all the way to a 5 setter. Could have gone either way but eventually succumbed at the very end. 2 - 3 down.

So overall 14 -- 4 up and the game is on.

Ended off on a pleasant note with a braai outside the courts and an early night --- by our standards.