6th League “B” vs “A”

The night has arrived even if it was a little early in the season, as the “B for best” team prefers to build themselves up throughout the season. The “A team” pitch for their match but they only have 4 players where they asked if the reserve could also play, was this an indication of their commitment?

On first the legendry Hannibal versus our Phil. Phil took the first two games easily and then remembered how long it took Hannibal to get over his loss against Ryan so he relaxed. Hannibal had a plan and reverted to old mans squash which saw him take the next two games. Phil gave him the last game purely out of respect for the grey hair. Hannibal 3 – Phil 2

Next on was Ryan versus Faceman. Each took a game and then Ryan noticed that Faceman did not have a hair out of place and not a drop of perspiration. This threw him and he lost the next game to love as well as the last. Faceman 3 – Ryan 1

The A team sent our best player to the back court, Flip against Mr T. Flip was all over the court and left Mr T stunned. This plan did not work and Flip emerged the winner Flip 3 – Mr T 1

Onto the final match and its Duncan against Mad (tin) Murdock. Mad Murdock took the first and thought this is easy. Duncan came back easily as the “tin” came into play for Mad Murdock. The next two games went one each way, again the tin playing a big part for Mad Murdock. Onto the final game and a worried look on the A Team (was this plan not going to come together?). Somehow Mad Murdock worked out the height of the tin and this caused Duncan to lose concentration. Mad Murdock 3 – Duncan 2

The B(best) team would have hated to be the cause of a plan not coming together so we gave this one to the A team (8-13).

See you next round.

Match result : 8-13