6thLeague “A” vs“B”

The match up against the Wannabee “B” team was billed as the match of the year …well ok, at least of the week. Alas it was to be a bit of a damp squib as the Mighty A team cruised to victory with effortless aplomb.

First up was the banker of the team, no not me, but John, and up against him was the hitherto undefeated Mr Maxton (well one insignificant loss at the end of last season hardly counts). While John was warming up and attuning to the court conditions he sportingly allowed Phil to take the first two games just to keep things interesting. Once warm and in the groove, it was plain sailing as John easily walked the next three games hardly breaking a sweat in the process. (3-2)

Next was yours truly up against the formidable Ryan. In a match of deft touch and high skill with countless subtle drops, cunning reverse boasts and exquisite lobs there was little power play on show as the first two games were shared. Tired of the cat and mouse approach I reverted to tried and trusted methods and took the third game to love. In the fourth I lured Ryan into a false sense of security letting him go 8-5 up before sneakily ambushing the game 10-8 (3-1)

With the match virtually wrapped up, on went our whipper snapper, Graeme, against a resurgent Flip. There was no sign of Flip’s gammy tennis elbow and crocked knee as he somewhat unbelievably managed to sneak the match in four action packed games in a match punctuated by much diving and scrambling around the court. (1-3)

So by this stage the Wannabees thought they were in with a shout if they won the last match of the evening. Alas it was nothing more than wishful thinking as the wily Ron proved yet again that age can, and often does, prevail over youth (Duncan). Ron thought that it would be fun if he gave the second and fourth games to Duncan to keep the interest in what would have otherwise been another rather dull win. With Duncan thinking that if he won the final game of the evening and restricted Ron to 4 points the Wannabees may somehow pull off a memorable win. Master Ron had other ideas as he covered the court as he had in the first game due to his legendary fitness and skill and easily won the final game. (3-2)

The games were 13-8 and the points difference 132 – 126, which belied the consummate ease with which the match was won. The Wannabees will just have to up their game if they hope to mount a serious challenge to the Mighty A team.

With the match secured, we retired to Nunos to reflect.

Match result : 13-8