5th LEAGUEvs Dainfern

Trevor won 3-2 against a hard running Mark. Trevor managed to win after tightening up his game.

The match was a lengthy 1hr20, especially for the marker, being myself!

All 3 of us finished exhausted.

Shaun won 3-1. Very comfortable. In fact, Shaun fell asleep in the 4th.

Vevek won 3-0 It's those awkward, nippy, cut off backhand drops that do the damage.

Dave won 3-1 A bit of a bruiser. My opponent dived for more than 4 of my shots and got 1 or 2 back!! Also the quickest way to the ball is the straightest route, even if it is 150 metres away. Being the old man that I am, often I was not expedient enough in getting out of the way of the "Juggernaut" - and paid the consequences.

Unfortunately none of the opposition joined us for a meal at Nuno's. We were even spurned by both our 6th league sides.

We are receiving personality coaching, well Trevor is!

Match Result: 16-4