10th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

With the Easter weekend on the way and promises of over-indulgence looming, we were keen to get in a win before the excesses take their toll.

No. 4: Paul (Dixon) vs. Paul. Our home player was up against his Edenvale namesake and was in no mood to mess about. Paul D quickly dropped two games with loose shots and tin abounding. Paul D admitted as much with flowery language describing his play as “frankly, pretty cr@p”. Would Paul’s legendary fitness pull him through? As it turns out, he didn’t give the fitness aspect a chance to prove itself, going down 9-0 in the last. That one must have hurt… but with a long weekend to revitalize him, Paul will no doubt be back with vengeance in mind. Match result: Paul D lost 0-3.

No. 2: Phil A vs x?x. Phil was up against a fit looking whippersnapper, complete with earring and wavy hairstyle. Perhaps the opponent should have kept his hair out of his eyes, because Phil demolished him with a series of boasts, tight drives and killer drops. Might be a different story on the return leg though. Match result: Phil won 3-0.

No. 3 Nigel vs. Aruna. I almost lost the first game for no apparent reason, but didn’t have too much trouble during the rest of the match. My opponent was an electrical engineer from Eskom and probably had other things on his mind. This was in evidence with him chain smoking over a few beers after the game. Match result: Nigel won 3-0.

No. 1: Tom vs. Danilo. Game started well with Tom hitting cleanly and pouncing on his opponents mistakes to take the first two games with relative ease despite a few good rallies. A couple of unnecessary mistakes in the third game saw Tom at 8-2 down and some nervous fidgeting in the gallery. The overall result was already assured though, so it wouldn’t be a disaster whatever happened, but all eyes were on Tom to see if he could drag this one back. Unfortunately, the match was never completed. Despite have an Eskom engineer on their team, the lights went out in Edenvale. Shed happens. With Tom away for the Easter break and then some, the match couldn’t be re-scheduled and was drawn 2-2.

So it looks as if the performance curve is still on the up.

Final result 10-5