3rd LEAGUE vs Parkview

We played Parkivew in match 4. Lights went out at 6 and I was worried driving to the courts, with no traffic lights working, that we won’t get to play. I arrived at Parkview and they have a generator. I was so happy, now we could get more than 8 points. Chamber should seriously consider putting at least the 2 glass courts on a generator.

Jeff played Aidan first. Thankfully, as I had a huge fight with him in the game last year. But Aidan was meek and timid and Jeff cleaned him up in under 15 minutes, Aidan only managing 9 points.

Next up was Francisco against Steve. Steve said he had a monster against Francis a few weeks ago, match lasting over an hour, and just losing. Not the case last night. Francis cleaned him up 3-0 and only dropped 8 points.

Next Willem played 16 year old Mike. At this stage we were 6-0 up in games and only 17 points dropped. Willem got 1 point in the first and was 6-0 down in the 2nd before he knew what was happening. He dug in and managed to scratch that game 10-9. But then he was pretty much cooked. He lost the next 2 9-3, 9-4. I think now that Willem is 30, he is over the hill.

Gary played last against Pepe. The worst marker in the world (even worse than Jeff. And Fergus.) Luckily he was playing and not marking. No problems here and Gary won 3-0.

At least we managed 13 points, which is more than the 8 points all our home teams probably got.

Francisco 3-0

Willem 1-3

Jeff 3-0

Gary 3-0

Match Result: 13-3