12th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

No4 Bob - Played first, took the first game then faded against a very fit youngster. (1-3).

No3 Paddy - Started off slowly (after three weeks in Cape Town and many bottles of red wine!) losing the first two games, then came back very well to take the next two but the red wine came back to bite and he lost the fifth 3-9. (2-3).

No2 Des - As usual played the fool for the first two games and lost. Then the marker (me) annoyed him by refusing a let (justifiably so as he was going right and the ball was bouncing in the left-hand corner) and he got his act together and took the next three games. (3-2).

No1 Geoff - With the games tally 6 for us and 8 to them, Geoff needed a 3-0 win. He took the first 9-5 and uncharacteristically lost the second before taking the third and fourth with a bit of a struggle. On any other night he would have walked this match! But we can't blame him for this.

The games were 9-all so it was down to points. We had amassed 127 but unfortunately they totalled 131. We lost by 4 points.

Final result 9-11