8th League vs. Edenvale

Mike Hunt goes on at no 3 and pulls it off comfortably at 3 – 1.

Doc Fallon follows up at no 2 against a very sharp young 11th grader. Doc is in deep trouble being 1 – 2 down and staring down the barrel at 1 – 8 down in the third. As the youngster serves for match point – believe it or not – Eskom play their trump card. Off go them light and Doc lives to tell the tale.

So the remainder of the game postponed for this week. Of course there were naturally apologies from friendly Eskom to Bruce B and Nic Papa who made the trek in vain.

So we resumed again on Wednesday night with myself in the squad with Bruce unavailable this week.

First on this time is Doc F to try his luck again. But the youngster was having none of it and promptly dispatched him 0 – 3 this time around.

Followed up by Nick Papa at no 4 who played a magnificent five setter in Bydawell fashion. Two up initially and then two all, the game was poised on a knife’s edge, as the crowd grew. The fifth went on to eight all and then nine all and thereafter a couple of further match points. He eventually however succumbed 9 – 10 but that’s the way it goes.

No 1 is a tall order for an old man but I put up a brave face for a while before graciously going down 1 – 3.

So overall result an unfortunate 6 – 13.

Match score: 16-13