10th LEAGUE vs Randburg

Wednesday night saw us up against Randburg – a team of former Eskom engineers who now make their money fleecing the general population by selling generators and the like. Their team has been together for several years – maybe several too long as evidenced by the nicknames embroidered on their shirts…

No. 3 Phil A vs Graeme. Phil was playing against someone code named the “Tequila Express”. No worries. We knew he’d cruise through this one easily. And so he did, sending the Express back to the station in three quick games. The Express later lived up to his name by ordering us a round (on us, of course) of Mexico’s finest. Phil won 3-0.

No. 1 Tom vs Eddie. You know there’s going to be trouble when the opponent is nicknamed “Ringer”. His opposite number was unbeaten in the League for the last two years and Tom knew he was up against it. There were some good rallies and Tom was hitting them cleanly. But it wasn’t enough to put the Ringer in his place and despite fighting for every point, Tom went down in 3. Tom lost 0-3.

No. 2 Nigel vs Stuart. Recently promoted to the number 2 slot, I had a lot of pressure on me to maintain my top spot in the player rankings. I was playing against “Grumpier”. Apparently last year he was saddled with the name Grumpy, but that didn’t improve his mood so he got it taken one step further this year. By the looks of things, next year will see him as Grumpiest. After a lot of screaming, cursing and racquet throwing he took a game off me to end my unbeaten streak. Not exactly attractive squash, but I managed to eke out a win. Nigel won 3-1.

No. 4 Paul vs Darrel. Paul’s last game was a forgettable series of loose shots and tin. Now he was up against “The Dazzler”. This time there were none of the errors from past matches though and he took the shine off the Dazzler going two games up 9-4, 9-4. And then, in the third game, just for something different, he won 9-4.

So, another good evening for us. We commiserated with Randburg afterwards at Dros over the aforementioned tequilas and a few litres of fermented hops.

Final result 12-4