6thLeague “A”(Absolutely Amazing) vs Northcliff

By the time Gavin B arrived while John was playing, he assumed that Ron Hagger was still to play given that Ron was looking fresh as a daisy. It was only much later that he was told by the team that Ron had already played. Ron had barely broken a sweat in winning 3-0 against a player who made unforced errors into a fine art!

John was up next. The first game see-sawed, with the opponent looking like taking the first game but relaxed too soon and John managed to sneak the first 10-9. It was simple from there on as the Silver Fox easily took the next two for another 3-0 win.

Gavin up next and it was more of the same. Only 12 points were lost in a straight forward win (3-0).

With the match secured, it was left to Org to save face against Captain Chris (aka Richard). The first two games went the way of the previous 11 but the final game was a lot closer as the opponent went into a 8-4 lead. It was not to be though and I managed to pull it through for a clean sweep 3-0.

Final result 16-0 and it was all over by 20:45 and plenty of time to watch some great squash with the 3rd team and have dinner at Nuno’s.

Match result : 16-0