5th LEAGUE vs Parkview

Dave, Captain-my captain, went on first at No.3 against their No4 John, due to having visitors at home to entertain. Won the first after being behind for most of the game. Lost the second, but then managed to finish the next two, despite injuring his calf in the fourth (a fact not noticed by his opponent, and if truth be known not by his team either!) Won 3-1.

Next on was yours truly the stand in Captain at No.4 against a youngster who was faster than greased lightning. Quickly moved to being 2-0 down, before squeaking in 10-9 in the third. Won the next comfortably, then ran out of steam in the 5th losing that 9-6. Lost 3-2

Vivek went on next at 2 against Kuben and won 3-1.

Finally, in a re-play of last Thursdays Masters league match, Trevor went on at No.1 against Merrick, with the same marker in Kuben. Trevor won the first and seemed to be in control to repeat the 3-1 win of the last week. However, Merrick was his usual tenacious self, and with a mixture of playing for the stroke and generally up-setting Trevor, he won the second, and the third and the fourth. Trevor did not help matters by forgetting to play squash and trying to play against the marker, after a few close, but correct, calls by Kuben who handled the match well under difficult conditions. Had football rules been applied to this match, the result would have been a number of yellow, and possibly even red cards. Lost 3-1

Final result won 11-8

Match Result: 12-8

PS. Squash lesson no 22 (as this is rudimentary) – play the game not the ref.