5th LEAGUEvs Wendywood

Having re-scheduled to play at Wendywood due to the Eskom load shedding, and with a depleted team due to injury (Trevor and Fergus) and our esteemed Captain away at the coast, the Team was only finalised at about 4:00 pm.

Shaun, back from three (or was it four) weeks off, went on first at No.2, and though a little rusty, managed to win in 5.

Sadesh, Vevek’s friend from Pietermaritzburg, went on next at No.4, assisting Chairman-my-Chairman John Shannon from having to play twice. Sadesh is a little rusty, and was playing against a clever “Rastafarian” who had too many shots. Sadesh got close in the third, but had a few bad calls with the Wendywood marker compensating for an earlier bad call in favour of Sadesh. Lost 3-0 but showed enough promise to improve with more regular games.

Vevek then went on at No.1, and after getting to 1-1, ran out a 3-1 victor with his deceptive chop drops too much for his tiring road runner opponent.

Finally, Captain-my-Captain, Chris vH went on at No.3, and had to win for the team to win. Fortunately my young opponent was not able to put two shots in a row together, and I managed to win 3-0.

Result won 12-6.

We were unfortunately rather un-sociable (for the “Home team”) and did not join Wendywood for dinner, but there was a Champions league match on between Liverpool and Arsenal.

Match result : 12-6