3rd LEAGUE vs Old Eds

We did it again. We won!

David had a good win against a teenager Yakov 3-1. David was running out of legs and had to win the 4th, and did it!

Ian probably had his worst match in the last few months but pulled thru from getting a thrashing 2-1 down and winning 15-12, 15-13 in the last 2. Ian won an “dreadful” match 3-2.

Phil was not at his best and played against an opponent who was in his way and the marker was ineffective (no, it wasn’t Sven). He got frustrated and his game went down from there. Phil got pumped 3-0.

Jae played ok. Won 3-0 against a tricky old man. Old man learnt that hippo’s can run fast too.

So we won 3 matches to 1 (12 points to 6).

Overall result: WON 12 - 6