8th League vs. Bryanston

So near, yet so far!
Up first was Andy against Wiets, full of running and loud exclamations, neither of which really helped! After a number of carefully placed balls to the T for his opponent, Andy succumbed. Quietly
Lost 0-3

Up next Gabriel, up against Brigitte, a first team ladies player. A real tight affair with Brigitte taking the first 2 games narrowly. Against all odds, and by some miracle Gabriel took the next two to level matters, and much to everyone’s surprise, including Gabriel’s, the fifth. This included being match point down in the fourth and a few interesting calls by the marker, Nealon
Won 3-2

Next Clin Tin Tin (Clinton), our quiet assassin, who won 3-0 in a matter of minutes
Won 3-0

Finally Anthony up against Nealon, full of running and loud exclamations. Another ding dong battle with Anthony coming back from two down, only to lose the fifth. Anthony had some choice words for the marker at the end of the game, Gabriel!
Lost 2-3

So, matches two all, games 8-8, we commenced the points tally

We lost by 211 points to 219. Aaargh!!

Overall result: Lost 10 - 8