6th A vs 6B

The previous encounter between these teams had resulted in a 16-2 steamrollering by the 6A’s. This was touted by the 6B’s to be a consequence of good fortune, lack of player availability and underhanded tactics. So, in the second round, the 6B’s came back with plenty of fighting talk, even going so far as to label the 6A’s as Rubbishes (in writing, no less). Did this have any effect on the result of the second round. To this there can be only one answer – a resounding NO. Once more the 6A’s showed character, class, magnanimity, resolve, tenacity and level-headedness under trying circumstances to record another famous and convincing victory. Cue music score: “Weeee are the champions…”.

6A’s had a full team at the club at 6:30 with nary a 6B in sight. Henri was the first of the rivals to arrive and got to choose his opponent. He opted for Kobus, freshly arrived from a traipse through the Franschoek winelands. There must have been cabernet residue in Kobus’ blood stream because the first game was disastrous – loose shots, tin, general mayhem. But this got sorted during the interval with some intense coaching and stern words from the captain. From there on, the discipline was much improved and saw a victory for Kobus from a tough match. 3-1

Manie had arrived in the interim and chose Gary (oh captain, my captain) as his adversary. There was much ebb and flow in this match as the momentum swung between the players. A gargantuan battle pitting Manie’s cut-off and drop versus Gary’s measured length (in a non-phallic sense). The initial plaudits went to Gary, keeping it tidy and going one-up. Manie then pulled a Manie special and took it back to one-all, then two-one. Vigorous discussion and thinly veiled threats from teammates during the intervals saw Gary pull it back to two-all and setting up a grand finale. In the last game Gary was in imperious form, either out of  pride for the high stakes derby bragging rights, or out of fear that his teammates would follow through on aforementioned threats. No matter the motivation, Gary grew progressively stronger and won out a grinding victory. 3-2.

Nigel and Phil played in a rematch of the Wannabeez tournament final round. This was the War and Peace of games – but without the peace. It’s always a measure of how tough the game was when you wake the following morning and have to hobble around as your body protests the punishment it received some hours earlier. The early impetus was with Nigel as a 2 game lead was generated. And then felleth the wheelth from the buth. Mistakes galore cost me the third game and put Phil in a commanding position in the fourth with a 13-8 lead. A fightback ensued which, in terms of its epicness, would make Normandy seem like after school fisticuffs behind the bicycle shed. Alas, the fightback was to no avail with Phil winning 16-14 to make it two games apiece. The final game was neck and neck, but it turned out that Phil’s neck was the longer of the two, bringing him victory and saving the 6B’s another embarrassing 16 point drubbing. 2-3.

Finally, Paul was left to play late arrival Jacques, the latter having been on a lengthy voyage spanning multiple countries and continents. Jacques lack of game time was telling in the first as he let Paul dictate play completely. He started to regain some of his touch in the next two games and put up sterner resistance. But not stern enough to prevent a fit, as always, Paul from using a percentage squash game to score a comfortable win. 3-0.

So, all told, a comprehensive win. Surely the 6B’s regret their bluster and disparaging dismissal of the clearly superior 6A’s. As I’m sure their match report will reflect, they were out-played, out-classed, out-manouvered, out-thought and just plain down-and-out. We expect them to grovel, at least a little, in the presence of the noble 6A’s. We also expect them to pull up their socks and start beating the other 6th league opponents so that we can have a clear run at the top of the log. It’s the least they can do.

Overall result: 14-6 to the mighty 6A’s         


6th B vs. 6A

The right of reply was refused!!!

Overall result: Lost 6 - 14