7th League vs. Southern Suburbs

Off to the Deep South. We got beaten by the better team; however there was again, one shining light, Peter Le Roux (#3) who came from 2 nil down to win 3-2. Next best was Peter Fillmore (#2) who managed a game. Next was Michael (#4) who got to double figures each game but lost 3-0. Bringing up the rear was our gallant, sacrificial lamb, George who played at one against Kyle Bruchausen who should be in a much, much, much higher league so that everyone can enjoy their squash. This sentiment was compounded by unnecessary, snide, on-court comments by the winner towards the end of the match.
The Southerners, who also have hot water issues (not enough, so the ladies were used, their showers!) bought us beers but did not join us for supper at Gino’s. The food was great and the portions even bigger. We bumped into the Wits team who assured us that they are booking bottom place in the league. Let’s hope it is true!

Squash Tip of the Week
Start with a good serve; it is not just to start the rally!

Overall result: Lost 4 - 14