4th B vs Bryanston

So it was a second and third on the log clash! Pressure match. A win for Chamber would see us moving one giant step closer to a Chamber domination of 1 and 2 on the ladder to ensure 3rd league for both sides next season!

Dave was up first having requested to play at 4 (claiming poor showing at the Wannabeezzz challenge) and arguing that he is very low down on the Chamber ladder. Dave played well to secure a solid 3-0 start against Benj. Benj has had a good season to date being a banker at 4 however struggled with some back issues on the day (excuses?).

Andrew was up at a newer role playing 2 against Brett based on more regular squash and solid recent form. Flew out the starting blocks winning the first 2. Minor stumble in the 3rd however consolidated in the 4th to take Chamber 2 matches up.

Flip was on against Kris at 3. Flip was inconsistent and had a number of unforced errors. A few games could have gone his way but he ultimately went down 3-1.

Ryan was up at 1 having also rediscovered some form and finding less TIN! The match was a seesaw battle against Simon. Simon ultimately ran out of steam and Ryan took it 3-2.

I have NEVER seen a team scatter so quickly after a match as Pirates did! Brett was their only player to join us at JOLLY RODGER for our celebratory dinner and draught!

A solid 13-6 win for Chamber!

Overall result: Lost 13 - 6