10th LEAGUE vs Jeppe

This week’s match against Jeppe saw not only the wheels coming off, but also the engine falling out, leaving us with only a rusting chassis. Our bid to end the first half of the league was thwarted at the last hurdle. Initially we arrived at Jeppe with no opposition team in sight. Just before the 15 minute grace period was up, two of their team members arrived, with the others following later – pity, we could have used the whitewash…

The long weekends hadn’t done our squash any favours. This week featured a reshuffled team due to sickness and other factors.

No. 1 Nigel vs Paul: I was shuffled up the order to play first and get the evening under way. Turned out to be a mistake (on my part) as I was outclassed by the hard hitting Paul and went down in three despite some decent rallies. Too many unforced mistakes. So the pressure was immediately on the team.

No. 2 Phil A vs Graeme: Phil’s opponent only arrived late, on the brink of forfeiting his game. In the first game it looked as if he shouldn’t have bothered arriving because Phil took it with no trouble. Then the game swung 180 degrees as Graeme won the next two games with Phil struggling to find a good length and chasing the ball all over the court. Phil pulled back to win the fourth game with some great reaction shots from both players and the lengthy rallies beginning to tell. So it was down to the fifth and that game went first one way then the other eventually seeing both players on 7-7. A mishit and a cruel bounce off a serve saw Phil losing a good, tough match. Phil ended up with more points but fewer games.

No. 3 Tom vs Vaughn: Tom was playing down the order from his usual No. 1 spot due to a persistent cold that saw his mobility around the court severely reduced. Without the running game he struggled and went down in three. It must be said though, that his opponent had the luck with him and a number of mishits ended up as perfect drops. We’ll take care of him on the return leg.

No. 4 Steph vs ???: The one shining light in the team. Steph was taking it easy at number 4 for the evening. Didn’t start well though with Steph going down 9-2 in the first. From there on there were few mistakes and Steph made his opponent dig the ball out of the corners as he easily won the next three.

1. Nigel lost 0-3

2. Phil lost 2-3

3. Tom lost 0-3

4. Steph won 3-1

So the dream lies shattered. For now. We’ll have to pick things up in the second half of the season.

Final result 5-13