Message from the Chairman

The week before the last league match, the inaugural Chamber Old Boys vs Chamber New Boys challenge was held. This was the brainchild of Andy Barnes who, after 28 years of Chamber service (with a couple of breaks here and there) has departed with Helen for the charms of Port Alfred. I would like to thank Andy for all the work and enthusiasm he has put into Chamber Squash over the years both at the Old Sports Club and the new Exiles Club. This evening at the club was a huge success and will be held on a annual basis from here on (in memory of Andy). Apologies to Flip van Antwerpen and anybody else we missed off the Old Boys list. Thanks to Michael Hunt for the report below.

Finally, well done to all the Chamber players who played in the SA National Championships last week at the Wanderers, especially to Lisa Maxton – Lisa (at the tender age of 17) winning the Girls Under 19 championship – a fantastic result.

In the over 50’s Phil Maxton (at the even more tender, or should I say sore, age of 50) lost in the final of the 50-55 event. Ron Hagger finished 3rd after losing to Phil in the semis and Dave Peacock tried hard.

In the 45-50 age group, I lost in the plate final, Jeff Davidson lost in the quarterfinals to the eventual winner John van Heeswijk, and Gary Alter won the Consolation plate (his kids were apparently VERY impressed when Gary told them this excitedly).

Lastly Paul Loake finished somewhere in the tournament (this is an achievement for Paul – finishing I mean).