6ththLeague “B” vs Old Parks

Last match of the first half and we have a bit of catching up to do – somehow we have let that other chamber team streak ahead.

On first Flip at no 4 – playing a youngster who brought his better half to watch him. He started making excuses during the warm up, Flip had no mercy and went on to win in short time 3-0 (tip only bring your better half to watch when you know that you can beat your opponent).

On next captain at no 2 – tough first game winning it 10-8, went on to lose the next two games. This was not good so had to start pulling on the reserves, managed to come from behind and take the 4th. Opponent made plenty mistakes in the 5th giving me a good 3-2 victory.

Dirk on at 3 next – Dirk also had a tough match. Won the first and went down the next two, the third was 0-9. With a mountain to climb Dirk won the next but used all the reserves and lost the fifth. So 2-3 down.

Phillip on at no 1 – well rested from a few weeks on leave. Phillips opponent was being well beaten so decided the only way to go down gracefully would be to feign injury (only kidding). He did hurt something late in the second but Phillip was well in control. 3-0

Not a full house but 14 will do – Result 14 -5

Match result : 14-5