3rd LEAGUE vs Parkview

Well, the last match of the first half produced a good result; we managed to win 3 out of 4 matches. Willem was sick so Dave generously lent us Trevor, hopefully this didn’t impact negatively on the 5th league team.

Gary played first against an out of form Brenton and won 3-1 (I think the last game was even 9-0).

Trevor played next against Lee Pearson and made it a long 5 setter, but won 3-2 in the end.

Francisco played Tom and only dropped 1 game; so finishes the half with only 1 loss.

Jeff went on last, no pressure, against Riaan. 3rd point and Jeff caught a racquet in the mouth. Jeff wasn’t in the match though and lost 0-3.

In the end Parkview had 1 more point than us, but who cares.

Francis 3-1

Jeff 0-3

Gary 3-1

Trevor 3-2

Match Result: 12-7