Chamber Squash the winner!

This squash match, billed as the “Chamber Old Boys versus Chamber New Boys” was played and eaten and drunk on 7th May 2008 rolling over (literally for some) to the morning of the 8th. It was the brainchild of a Mr. Andy Barnes who wanted to go out with a bang (keep dreaming) and several memories (including a team photo of the Ken Raine, Andy Barnes, Laurie Moth and John Barton; all with wigs; representing Chamber’s only international tour to Botswana) of his playing days at the Chamber of Mines Sports Club squash section, and latterly the Chamber Exiles Squash Club prior to his departure to somewhere near Port Alfred. Two sides of a baker’s dozen were assembled so that a definitive result could be forthcoming; ha! ha! As per usual the fidelity of the Old Boys under the captaincy of Andy Barnes came through and the entire team pitched up plus a couple of retired squashies, notably Ken Raine and Vernon Ward of the hippy, hippy, (this new one works wonders!) shake, shake fame. The New Boys under the captaincy of Dave Peacock pitched up with one less and the chap that let him down had obviously Fall on (spot the attempted pun!) or rather off the bus.

Anybody recognise these reprobates??

Matches commenced on several courts simultaneously. Michael took on the George and lost despite using a well known slowing down tactic of driving the ball up the opponents **se which should have slowed him down but only had the reverse effect of increasing the chatter on court (lawyers must be paid by the word) and resolution to win. On the adjacent court Steph was wupping Dave who had prevented us from naming his team the Young Boys. Incidentally these two former old boys Steph and Mike started 15th league together in 1980.

On the back courts the well dressed, yellow jacketed and dark skirted Glynis was trying her best against Andile. The “nearly as light as Glynis” version pulled off the win and shared that another 10 kilos will do the trick!

The Gavin’s from both sides split the spoils, Gavin B taking out Andy and Gavin M losing to Digby respectively. In a New Boy fashion; a sign of the times; it was noted that there was little respect from Bowes for the departing and captaining Andy.

John Worwood having rested his walking stick at the entrance eased past Paul and Laurie likewise over Graham, game-wise and hair-wise.

Paul, self appointed Liar dice champion, took out battling Manie with the same score as Ron against Gavin with a few heart stopping shots.

Whilst Chris was demolishing the strutting Peacock on the glass backs, court 4 gallery was heavily populated watching a typical John Shannon match. The other reason for the crowd could have been that it was close to the bar! A shag*ed (thanks for the name loan Ron) John was down and out against a Ryan - oops was that a drop shot –Chegwidden but pulled back to 2 all and for once didn’t scrape a 3-2 victory.

John Schulkins’ opponent Paul Fallon didn’t pitch and the captains decided not to include the walkover in the overall score (very sporting Andy). The last match on court 5 (the one with the new door hinges) was played between Fergus and Richard. The guile, style, finesse and class of Fergus nearly prevailed over the drifting concentration of Richard losing in a tight five setter.

So the overall match was drawn 6 matches all and 26 games all and rumour has it, but the score sheet cannot be found, the points were also even!

The obligatory team photo was taken on court 4, after dragging from the ladies’ changing rooms (lack of hot water in the men’s, dodgy reason!) one Fergus, complete with bulging towel. The prize giving was presided over by our Chairman who presented the “Andy Barnes” trophy to the joint winning captains and Andy lay down the gauntlet for a repeat in 2009, venue Port Alfred?

The traditional Chamber Tequila toast was ably demonstrated by 3 Old Boys and followed by a shabby effort from the New Boys. More practises required and how does Digby talk and do the drink/lemon/salt thing at the same time?

A super, memorable evening was rounded off with a sumptuous chicken curry meal and more drinks.

The liar dice were then retrieved from the depths of the bar cupboards, last having seen the light of day many years ago. The less said the better from here on but rumour has it that the three presentations given by Fergus to his board the following morning were incomprehendable.

Old Boys Result New Boys

Chris van Heeswijk 3-2 Dave Peacock
Fergus Macleod 2-3 Richard Cilliers
John Shannon 2-3 Ryan Chegwidden
Ron Hagger 3-2 Gavin Geldenhuys
Andy Barnes 0-3 Gavin Bowes
Paul Loake 3-2 Manie Krause
Michael Hunt 1-3 George Bowen
Laurie Moth 3-1 Graham Vermaak
Steph Stephansen 3-1 Dave Fleming
John Worwood 3-0 Paul Dixon
Gavin Martin 0-3 Digby Chapman
Glynis Prosser 1-3 Andile Maseko