3rd LEAGUE vs Old Eds

We played Old Eds last night who were lying 5th at the turn around, but obviously want to try win this league. They switched their order around, Mike Bester didn’t want to play Willem, Paul wanted to play Jeff and so I played Mike, Jeff played Paul, Willem played Dean and Francis played Mark.

In the first round Mark and Francis played too, Francis won 3-1. This time Mark managed to win 2 games, and get 7 points in the 5th.

Willem played Dean, who beat Willem both times last year, but Willem was hot and his straight drops did their damage. Willem won 3-0.

Gary played Mike Bester who is very sharp – he’s training for the world masters and was totally in control. Some really horrific calls from the marker (Dean) compounded the problem and Mike won a comfortable 3-0.

Jeff played Paul, who he beat in the first round, but could only manage 1 game this time round. And he was 1-8 down in the game he did win. He was well down in the 4th too and caught up to 8 all again, but just couldn’t finish.

We ended up losing by 1 game. It’s sad, as we beat them comfortably in the first half.

Francisco: 3-2

Willem: 3-0

Gary: 0-3

Jeff: 1-3

Match Result: 7-10