8th League vs. Southern Suburbs

Chairman John writes “7th & 8th leagues are putting in a big push for trophies in the second half winning all their matches comfortably so far (is it coincidence that George B has not played in these matches!!!!)”

Lawyer George replies “Alright, so I gave the rest a show in for a few weeks but the maestro is back tomorrow. (God help me if we lose.)” We hope God helps him and that the coincidence is not maintained because the team performed like the latest Springbok jersey. What a calamity, only 5 points, not really championship challenging material. Southern Suburbs, in the bottom half of the league pulled out a team with a pleasing blend of young and old, 17 to 60+; great to see some youngsters playing this grand game. George who played under severe pain from a raw, skin revealing under sole, started the night well breaking down the mind of an enthusiastic 18 year old, suntanned Thathe to take the rubber. Next on was Mike also playing a youngster less than a third of his age. 2 love down and match point down, and he rallies back to 2 all but then his legs give up and Mike tamely looses the 5th. Match at one all, but up in games. Oops, on goes Nick tripping over the walking stick of his 60+ opponent on his way into the court. Nick was sporting even longer shorts than last week and making yet another fashion statement claim of best dressed squash player at a previous summer league. They must have weighed him down because he wobbled and bobbled around the court, swatting non existent flies, only managing 8 points in total. Things’ not looking good and it was over to Mark to pull it out of the hat for the team and God-fearing George. Unfortunately Mark had a bad night and his opponent a good night. Match lost and the team hopes their poor performance is a mere hiccup on the roller coaster ride to championship glory.

The team wants to wish Paul a speedy recovery following 2 days in hospital after conking out at home; looks like we will be needing you.

Squash Tip of the Week

The serve is the easiest shot to play as the ball direction is under your control. Difficult to ace one but this does not prevent starting the game with an advantage, by getting the ball to at least bounce off the side wall.

#1: Mark vs. Trevor, 0-3: 3-9, 4-9, 4-9

#2: Nick vs. J Marques, 0-3: 0-9, 5-9, 3-9

#3: Mike vs. Darren, 2-3: 9-10, 0-9, 10-9, 9-7, 2-9

#4: Mike vs. K Thathe, 3-1: 9-2 3-9, 9-6, 10-8

Match score: 5 - 13