6thth League “B” vs Bryanston Sports

Are we allowed to nominate opponents for COTY awards? If so, I would to nominate Paul, Bryanston’s number three, being the only member to be present at the start he had no choice to play first, that is before he realised he forgot his shoes…

First up, Dirk vs the German, the replacement nr 3 and went up 3-0.

Flippie vs Stephen, outclassed his opponent 3-1. Flippie took a breather after the first two games.

Mr Vey, our number four for the evening played Paul after he finally got his shoes on. Mr. Vey’s last match was in March and it was showing, though entertaining and unfortunately went down 0-3.

All came down to Chris van Heeswijk, playing Alan at number 1. Now, Chris himself has not played for three weeks, but this did not stop him from outlasting his opponent. A good 3-2 and Chamber is still in the habit of winning!

Match result : 12-6