7th League vs. Southern Suburbs

Captain Loake 1st.Played some guy at No, 3 that ran quite a bit.Managed to lob him which he did'nt seem to enjoy-won 3/2

Next on George,who we all thought would win 3-0 looking at the first game,but his opponent kept on running and ended up winning.Chamber loosing 2/3........match all square

Jacques on next at no.4 not a bad game unfortunately he went down 1/3

Next on superman Manie needing a 3/0 to win.Manie's superb fitness was unmatchable,his opponent complaining that there was too much water on the court seeping from Manies forehead.After Manie winning 3/1, because his opponent could'nt run any more,we ran out winners on points......11/9 to 7th league

Match score: 11-9