6thth League “A”(Awe Inspiring) vs Old Parks

John was spared the thought of playing Cheyna Tucker after his narrow victory in the first half knowing that she was only getting better and he was only getting older. Anyway John was up first and barely broke a sweat against a gallant but outclassed Gareth. (3-0)

Fergus next up next. Fergus lost the first game dismally and all three of his team mates agreed he had played crap! Duly castigated by his team mates, Fergus upped his game considerably to take the next three with consummate ease. We agreed that the next time he played, we would castigate him before he goes on court as it seems to have the desired effect. (1-3)

Gavin up next against Frik. It was no contest as Gavin continued his good form. (3-0)

Let’s just say that there are players we enjoy playing and those we do not. This match fell into the latter category. With the match already won there was nothing riding on the game. As a result, I was taking it a touch easy in the first and lost it before I wiped my eyes out. Things went pear shape at 8-7 in the second when Tyrone hit a ball that everyone (including his team mate) thought had clipped the tin and he simply walked off the court convinced he had won the game. The marker (his team mate) would not over rule him and allowed the point to stand. It went from bad to worse in the next games as call after call was challenged (with Fergus now marker) and the game resembled more of rugby than squash. The match went to five sets and I eventually was lucky to prevail on my fourth match point. In the final analysis, a very unenjoyable and unsatisfying win. (3-2)

Match result : 16-3