6thth League “B” vs Parkview

It seems like we are making sure of our B status by getting thumped by Parkview.

Chris on at 1 – Says he is still busy acclimatising after being stuck up in the mountains of Peru. Lost the first 2, came back after a lot of hard work to win the third and then the tank was empty. Lost 1-3

Gavin on at 2 – a few points later Gavin off at 2. I never even when to the mountains and got thumped 0-3

Dirk on at 3 – Plenty of pressure to save a bit of face. Dirk takes the first game fairly comfortably. The second is more difficult but after plenty of running Dirk wins (Duncan starting to worry about his game). Dirk decides that he needs a little more respite from the night duty at home so cannot finish this off early and throws the next two games. The 5th was an up and down affair with Dirk emerging as the winner 3-2. Great match Dirk.

Duncan on at 4 – Dirk should have kept the pressure on Duncan. Duncan knowing we could not win relaxed. Duncan’s claim to fame for the evening was getting more points than the captain (2 more) and it was all over 0-3

Match result : 4-14