3rd LEAGUE vs Parkview

Something has to be done about this team. We need some good players urgently if we plan to win this league. We played Parkview last night and got a hiding. Jeff played first against Michael; the youngster whose father sits there with a spreadsheet gathering stats of each shot. Jeff played his heart out, he played the best I’ve seen him play in weeks. Jeff caught up to 8 all in the 5th from being well down, but youth prevailed and Jeff just couldn’t finish.

Francis played next against Steven, and was 2-0 down before he knew what was happening. But he dug in and managed to win the next 3 convincingly.

Trevor played next against Aidan. Imagine that. Trevor was also down 2-0 before he got into the game. He managed to get the third and caught up to 8 all in the fourth from being well down, only to lose it and the match. Pity.

Gary played last against the very active youngster Sibusiso. Gary was out played and lost in 3.

Willem, well he turned up missing.

Francisco 3-2

Gary 0-3

Jeff 2-3

Trevor 1-3

Match Result: 6-14 (dismal)