11th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

Des at No4 (Still refusing to obey his C-A-P-T-A-I-N) off first, had a very easy match against an over-weight but pleasant fellow) and won in three straight sets. (15/5; 15/8 and 15/9)

John, having to play at No3 due to Des' disobedience, found it strange to suddenly be two games up without even trying! Once this clicked in his old numb skull he went to pieces and really made a meal out of the next three games going from mediocre to very poor and lost (2/3) a match that, had he stopped thinking about, would have won easily 3/0! (15/10; 15/4; 14/16; 11/15 and 11/15).

Bob playing at No2, also had an easy match taking it in 3 straight sets. (15/6; 15/7 and 16/14).

Paddy, on last at No1 had a bit of a sweat in the first game to win 15/13 and then took control and the next two 15/5 and 15/5.

Final result : 14 - 3