4th LEAGUE vs Pirates (& P..cock)

Chris on first started off brilliantly and getting to 9 comfortably, unfortunately the brain switched off and didn’t switch on again until the 3rd, which of course he won. The legs were weary by then and the fourth was narrowly lost – no thanks to a “good stroke call against him” near the end by the Silver Fox (who as you all know has never been known to make a bad call). So 3-1 down.

So the Silver Fox having survived dirty looks from his team-mate lost the first game 23-21 (no bad calls here from the P..cock), won the 2nd comfortable, lost the 3rd narrowly, won the 4th comfortably and at 8-13 down, fought back to 13-14 down in the 5th with the oppo getting very tired, and then came the “Mother of all Calls” from P..cock – no let……………….. because the ball was too tight against the wall – what could I say, I appealed to the referee, (respectfully of course as Sven taught us), but to no avail!!!!!!!!!!!!! So a TRAGIC, UNDESERVED 2-3 loss for the Fox. I think I’m going to insist on a ref in future.

Vevek on next did well to win a game but lost 3-1 overall.

Lastly on went P..cock to try and salvage some pride (for the team and for his marking performance). At 2-0 up he was cruising but then his opponent started to claw back winning the 3rd and 4th closely 15-10 and 16-14. So the inevitable happened with Mr P..cock going down 2-3 (I blame his marking performance personally, but that’s all forgotten now (as if).)

So a hammering was taken, although a very competitive one it was.

Match result : 6 - 16