4th LEAGUE vs Parkview

Scar on first played a tremendous match against a youngster. The first 2 games were very tight but Scar won them both. The legs then started to fail slightly and the next 2 were lost, the 4th a very close 14-16 after being 14-12 up!!. Into the 5th and Scar found his second/third/fourth wind and won the 5th comfortable 15-6. Great win.

Captain Teacock on next against a very fit Merryck, took the first, lost the second and tweaked a muscle (his story anyway). A 3-1 loss

Phil on against another youngster but same result as Captain T’s, a 3-1 loss

On last the Silver Fox having to win 3-0 for a points count against Brenton. The first game went badly with the Fox never in it. However a slowing down of the game turned the tables and the next 2 went the right way. The 4th went the way of the first but a HUGE effort in the 5th saw a 3-2 win for the Fox

Match result : 8 - 12