8th League “A” vs. Wendywood

8th League “A side” home to Wendywood, 11th March 2009

Only pictures of winners!


George played well despite dozing in the third.

Pictured here with his characteristic slap of praise that nearly winded the poor oke!


Nic, fresh from ankle injury zipped past Des who looks a little surprised, no idea why!


Mark was value for money winning 3-2 after putting his opponent in the blood bin; claims he never hit him!


16 points in the bag; only Michael to play. Well what a squash balls up! He played like a peeled tomato from a can of the skinless variety. Never mind only the first game. The second game he played like frot banana and as for the third he played as if he was 23 short of a case! In the interests of clean journalism, more appropriate epithets have been deleted. A piece poor show loosing the team a valuable four points and murmurs of “you should have stayed in Angola” could be heard and the raised head from our non playing team member, babysitting Bruce, summed up the rather dismal effort by the Hunt with a “c”.

Squash Tip of the Week

You can only win if you are in front. So stay in front score-wise and court craft-wise.

#1: Mark vs. Andrew Widdell 3-2: 15-10, 7-15, 15-7, 13-15, 15-11

#2: Michael Tinashi 0-3: 5-15, 14-16, 11-15

#3: Nic vs. D Des Dumbleton 3-0: 15-13, 15-13, 15-9

#4: George vs. Shawn Ebersohn 3-1: 15-6, 15-8, 13-15, 15-10

Match score: 12 - 6