3rd LEAGUE vs Winchester Hills

Francis played first against Grant Bourne. Grant won the first, and although the next 2 games were close, Francis won them both and wore Grant down (Francis was 10-14 down in the 3rd). The 4th was a walk in the park for our Frankie.

Jeff played next against Brian. Got a hiding in the first 2 but started coming back in the 3rd. Was around 8-3 up and then Brian came back and won the match.

Mike played next against Leron. Mike didn’t know where the ball was going most of the time (I don’t think Leron did either), lots of nicks, lots of ‘trick’ shots and Mike lost.

Gary played last against (another) boom boom Duncan. Again, no clue, game over.

Francisco 3-1

Mike 0-3

Gary 0-3

Jeff 0-3

Match Result: 3 - 13