11th LEAGUE vs Old Eds

Played Old Eds (away, together with 2 more Chamber teams)

Paddy, at # 2, was on first and very quickly off again, losing 0-3.

Des, at # 3 on next and played well with a good win 3-0 so games equal.

John, at # 4 then really got down to business and played his best squash of the year. Good points interspersed with his usual unique vocal enthusiasm, had an excellent 3-0 win.

Geoff, at# 1, needing a game to secure a win, quickly went 2-0 ahead. Then lost the next 2 games but came back in the fifth for a good 3-2 win.


Geoff bt Jonothan 3-2

Paddy lost to Jake 0-3

Des bt Darren 3-0

John bt Patrick 3-0

A 12-5 win for 11th league.

Final result : 12 – 5