8th League Chamber A away to Chamber B, 14th May 2009

This report is being penned from deepest Africa surrounded by fellow, sun-tanned passengers at 0410 hrs waiting for a plane that will transport us in sheer luxury across the rich, deep blue, mortar-less skies of Angola from Luanda to Dundo. A much flown plane with the most recent Brabanti designed garden chairs with rope like seat belts that clip in with a reef knot.

In contrast the local 8th league Derby (Chamber B vs. Chamber A) was played in the plush surroundings of the Johannes Country Club (CCJ). A venue chosen by the obviously more affluent Chamber Exile members; it helps to be called Peter. The under floor heating was unfortunately not turned on but the opulent setting left a positive impression on our guest female partners. Conjecture about the reasons for certain parties not sharing this opportunity with their girlfriends wives has one wondering.

A combined 110+ years of squash talent graced the court as Gavin played Michael in the first match and the former thrashed the latter. Michael did manage to get a game but the paltry 5 points scored in the last would end up being the undoing of the mighty A side. Palindromic Mike played badly, not moving, not thinking, basically mucking up his own find. Talking of thinking, a thought. Did having Gavin’s wife, Barbara scoring and guided by her husband on the rules and eligibility of lets influence the result?

On an adjacent court the two captains Peter and George were doing battle. Encouragement from George’s wife, Liz and daughter, who can play squash, could not sway the outcome of this ding dong affair. 1-0, 1-1, 1-2 (George got this sown up), 2-2, 3-2 (lost to 13). Later overheard gallery talk included “George never listens to us anyway, so no change tonight!”

Two nil down and Chamber A not looking good as the elder statesman bombed out. A semblance of expected form was restored when fashion conscious Nic reversed the first match score (1-3) by beating Peter. Hope the blood test went well Nic!

Fourth match of the evening saw Graham take on Bruce watched by their much better looking partners, new piece of fluff (info gleaned from his team mates) and wife; Ronel and Jan respectively. Bruce’s marathon like fitness came to the fore and he fought back from 2-1 down to win. Another testament to Bruce’s fitness is that he can do it 7 times more on a Vespa. Something to do with being more economical than a Land Rover. Dining table talk included the merits and demerits of sushi and mushy peas. Ronel’s culinary knowledge did not stretch to this exotic delicacy and when asking what they tasted like the reply came back like “squashed pe—s”. Ni this is not true! Apparently Bruce is a great sushi maker and Jan really enjoys eating raw fish and yes sushi is more healthy.

Last match of the night and decider saw “economy of movement” Dave take on Lefty Paul. This was watched by the entire gallery and even got Gerda, Mike’s wife and not squash’s greatest supporter, slightly excited. Something Mike can’t do anymore; an age thing, darn toy boys! Paul won a tight 3-2 match. Dave also struggles with numbers and emulated a fellow 8th league squash players antics of leaving the court at 14, someone must also tell him that 15 is required for the game.

You ask why 5 matches when league is 4 matches. The reason was to get all the players involved (admirable) which should have been 6. Unfortunately Digby cried foul with a sore back which is a prerequisite for a golf tour starting the following day. Fortunate in a way for the A side as Mark was holidaying working inDonesia.

So Chamber A won 3 matches to 2. This should have been the end of the report and thus a true representation of the 8th league squash standings and continuation of the bragging rights. Unfortunately it was agreed that a draw would be made and the first four out of the hat would score. This resulted in 9 games all and a 9 points deficit for Chamber A.

A fantastic evening was brought to a close after a wonderful meal and even the requests from the CCJ stamp collecting society, a real sticky bunch, who had dropped in for a tipple could not persuade us to stay. The return match will be much anticipated by all and especially the Chamber A players who were robbed by a Lotto type victory and will be keen to set the records straight again.

Well done Chamber B!

Squash tip of the week:

Not game related but the bringing of wives, concubines, family members and partners was the winner on the night. However, maybe only once during the season!


Graham vs. Bruce 2-3: 16-18,15-12, 15-10, 13-15, 8-15

Peter LR vs. Nic 1-3: 10-15, 12-15, 15-9, 13-15

Gavin vs. Michael 3-1: 15-12, 12-15, 15-13, 15-5

Peter F vs. George 2-3: 12-15, 15-10, 10-15, 15-10, 15-13

Match Score 9-11

Kind Regards from Cassanguidi, Angola

Michael Hunt