3rd LEAGUE vs Bryanston

We played at Chamber, but at around 4 pm I got a call that they only had 2 players. Last time we did this (against UJ) Francis and Willem lost 3-0 each (am I allowed to say each?) and we went to a points count – with opposition only having 2 players. But we played, and won comfortably.

Francis played first, not much of a contest. Quick and easy.

Mike played next against Mike (both lefties) and was doing OK, but ended up losing 1-3. (At least Bryanston went away with 3 points.)

Willem and Gary played each other – and stopped at 2 all.

By the way a COTY nomination for Gary Alter – our computer guru. He went to the “Results Entering” training a couple of weeks ago, told me it was simple so don’t bother going. He entered the 3rd leagues teams results last week and managed to give the team 15 points – an impossible score as you well know. Well done Gary.

Francisco: 3-0

Mike: 1-3

Willem: 3-0 (walk over)

Gary: 3-0 (walk over)

Match Result: 13 - 3