9th LEAGUE vs Alberton

Being forced to drive to Alberton twice in a season is cruel and unusual punishment. I forget which Alberton side we played this week, but I don't think it matters.

Captain Ginger arrived from Rustenburg looking very ready for a long holiday; part time number 3 (moi - that's Phil A., not Nigel) arrived even later from Telkom-strike-torn downtown Tshwane; and no-one was sure if the most-solid-number-4-in-the-league (Steph) was going to pitch up at all (he did eventually).

So Brennan "I must remember never to attempt another drop shot from the T" Babb rushed on at no. 2, being the only team member to arrive earlier than horrendously late. And a darn good fight he put up. But a mammoth rally at about 12-12 in the 5th effectively killed our Brennan dood, and he slipped to a 3-2 defeat.

The most-solid-number-4-in-the-league (he's only lost 1 all season) went on next and gave his younger Welsh opponent (younger, not young) a good lesson. 3-zip to Steph.

Then, via some innovative decision-making, a tired Captain Ginger ended up playing 3 without me protesting at all. Captain cleaned up his female opponent 3 zip. And not a moment too soon, since I was moered 3-zip by their no. 1. I did, however, get quite a few points.

Phil A. 0 - 3 Harry

Brennan 2 - 3 William

Nigel 3 - 0 Lizel

Steph 3 - 0 Andy

So we won 10 - 6 and may still be on track to win this thing.

Final result :10 - 6